WordPress Security Tips To Protect And Repair Your WordPress Website

WordPress Security Tips To Protect And Repair Your WordPress Website

Today we are going to share the best 10 wordpress security tips which will really helpful to keepyour wordpress website secure.

WordPress is currently the most popular content management system in the world, powering millions of blogs around the world. No other CMS solution offers the same power for free. There thousands of plugins a user can install to make WordPress even more powerful. Popularity comes with a price. Since WordPress is the most popular CMS software, it attracts the attention of elite hackers who love to hack WordPress sites to take advantage of information inside the databases, to take advantage of the traffic the site has or just for fun. Most hackers hack to make a profit using traffic or email addresses to send spam and make sales using affiliate links. They are very hard to stop using just the default security parameters so we need to take further action and protect our WordPress website better.

1. Move the wp-config.php file from the default folder to another location inside your server. If a hacker tries to hack the wp-config.php file by trying to attack the default root folder, he will always fail. this is best wordpress security ever

2. Change your username from “admin” to something else. Most WordPress hack bots start the hack by trying to login using the admin username which is the most used by site owners. The most secure username is a combination of characters never used before.

3. Use Login LockDown to prevent someone from the IP address X trying to login more than a few times. This is drastically reduce the chances of being hacked by the same computer. If you want to wordpress security then you must use it.

4. Add an index.html file with no information in it, totally blank, to every folder of your WordPress installation. This way if a hacker accesses your website by writing the URL address to the root folder, he will be able to see only a blank page. This prevents him from seeing the files and folders inside the root folder.

5. Always download and install the latest WordPress version for your wordpress security especially if the update fixes bugs and security holes. Hackers will have a tough time trying to take advantage of bugs already fixed. Some host companies allow WordPress upgrades with just one click so there are no files to download and install. Also, with the right WordPress plugin, such as Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades, the job will be faster and easier with clear step-by-step instructions.

6. Use a different secure password for every database and login page. Shared passwords are the most critical security issue because if the hacker manages to crack one password, he will have free access to the entire website.

7. Using Secret Keys will add random information to the cookies downloaded to the internet user’s computer making it harder to find where the folders and the files are in the server.

8. Be careful with which plugins you install. Some plugins are pure danger as they allow hack access crated by hackers. Never download plugins from a website you never visited before that you got from a spam email. Other plugins are trusted but have bugs and pose a serious threat to security as well. The best plugins are those downloaded from the official WordPress website and have several five stars rating.

9. Local security matters. Always update your anti virus and anti spyware on a daily basis and run a full scan at least once a week. Schedule a full scan for the times you are sleeping and not using the computer.

10. Use a trusted web hosting company like Go Daddy. Low cost web hosting companies may not have the means to hire top class security experts to take care of server security and maintenance.


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