Points to Consider for Designing a Website for Senior Citizen

The recent years has seen tremendous advancement in technology, not just for the present day Gen-X but also for senior citizens who are slowly embracing digital gadgets to socialize.

While old age is not a problem in using the internet, the problem lies in the fact that the elderly are affected by certain age related problems which hinder the smooth utilization of the internet.

It is the responsibility of the website development specialist to bring in subtle changes in the designing process so that websites are more senior-citizen friendly. Here are some points that the website development expert can consider when designing a website for senior citizens:

  • Break text into short segments: It is important to break long text into short, simple segments for easier readability. Since senior citizens are unable to grasp in too much information at the same time, it is difficult for them to keep up with long texts. The web copy should be clear and concise so that it defines the information, which is easy to understand.


  • Large and adjustable font: Senior citizens with vision problems require a font size that is large and clear. The website development expert should include text-resizing widget so that people having vision related problems can resize the text to make it readable.


  • Clear Navigation Buttons: Senior citizens haven’t grown up using the internet and therefore, navigating across websites is not easy for them. While designing a website for such people, website development specialists should incorporate clear navigation buttons such as “Home”, “Back” and “Next” to make surfing easier.


  • Allow more space around clickable targets: If the space around clickable targets is too narrow, it would be problematic for senior citizens to stay at one page because a simple click at the wrong page, would take them to the next link. Therefore, websites should have additional space around clickable targets enabling seniors with problematic motor skills to click at the right place.


  • Use Single Mouse Clicks: Some senior citizens are unable to surf the internet properly due to the requirement of double clicking at certain places. With slow hand and eye coordination double clicking can pose problems. Instead website development experts should design sites that have single mouse clicks.


  • Minimize Scrolling: There should be minimum scrolling on websites especially designed for seniors as they face the problem of poor motor skills. Too much scrolling at a fast pace may take them to different areas of the text rather than stay at the place they are interested in reading.